September 15 - November 17, 2021 |

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Scott Weber
Application Development and Technical Support Engineer, LyondellBasell

As an industry veteran, Scott has over 30 years of experience in extrusion coating and lamination, blown and cast film most of which focused on flexible packaging applications.  Scott currently has two patents and has been involved in the development of other products that have also been patented during his career.

Continuing to help others develop and grow in the industry is very important to Scott.  This has led him to become involved with TAPPI.  Scott has chaired the TAPPI Extrusion Coating Short course since 2012 and has presented at several TAPPI IFPED conferences.  Scott was also award in 2018 the Division Leadership and Service Award and the Andreas Ahlbrandt Prize.

Carmelo Declet-Perez, Ph.D.
Associate Technical Service & Development Scientist, Dow

Carmelo is responsible for managing Dow’s relationship with six customers by delivering innovative products and technical expertise while also leading a research platform to gain fundamental understanding of multilayer structures and their role in incorporation of recycled material for more sustainable packaging. He also supports development work to establish end-of-life solutions to reduce plastic waste and enable a plastics circular economy.    

Carmelo joined Dow in 2014 as part of the Packaging and Specialty Plastics Materials Science R&D group. In this role, Carmelo worked on a variety of polyethylene technologies to correlate materials performance to their structure in the context of various applications. Carmelo also developed of new capabilities and testing methods to validate the value proposition of Dow materials. 


Dr.-Ing Jochen G. Koenig
Managing Director, Schenk Vision

Dr. Koenig received his Dr.-Ing degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994 from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.  From 1991 until 1994 he was a Project Coordinator at Samson AG Frankfurt and responsible for a joint venture research project with Hartman & Braun AG and the University of Kaiserslautern.  From 1994, Dr. Koenig was a System Engineer at Dr. Schenk GmbH in Munich, Germany.  In April 1995, he founded the Dr. Schenk US representation, application research and assembly operations that then primarily engaged in the Web Inspection and Optical Media industries in North and South America. He is now the Managing Director of Schenk Vision and has expanded the inspection system technology leadership of Schenk to include a broad spectrum of surface inspection systems for the solar, flat glass, nonwoven and paper, film and foil, converting, and semiconductor industries.

Kelly Frey
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Canada in 1990 with a degree in Plastics Engineering Technology.  Upon graduation, was employed by Dow Chemical Canada in Sarnia, Ontario, where he was part of the polyethylene technical service and development group.  Kelly then joined Chevron Chemical Company in Orange, TX in 1999, where he worked in Chevron’s blow molding technical service group and then transitioned to extrusion coating technical service in 2000.  He then joined Chevron Phillips Chemical Company during its formation in 2001 and has since worked in extrusion coating technical service.  Kelly has presented technical papers at both SPE and TAPPI conferences, holds several extrusion coating related patents, and is currently the past Division Chairman of the TAPPI International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division. 


Louis Piffer
Chemical Engineer, Drexel University

Louis Piffer has 31 years with Davis Standard and has an extensive history as an active TAPPI extrusion leader and member. Louis has taught the TAPPI Extrusion Coating Short Courses for over 20 years and has written two chapters in TAPPI Extrusion Coating Handbook. He is a recipient of the TAPPI Leadership award and Davis-Standard’s Presidents award.


Nick Sturgis
Associate Technical Services and Development Scientist, Dow

Nick Sturgis has spent the last five years supporting customers in their use of polyethylene and polyethylene copolymers primarily in food packaging applications.




Robert Hammond
Technical Sales Director

Rob started at Mica in 1998. He started in the laboratory both developing new products and creating the QA procedures for testing manufacturing products. 3 years later, he moved into the Technical Sales. In 2014, he took on the role of Technical Sales Director. He is an active member of TAPPI, SPE, AIMCAL, IoPP, and ACS. He was TAPPI Flexible Packaging and Extrusions Division Chair and in other leadership positions at TAPPI for over a decade.

Rob worked for 17 years in Corporate Research and Development; those companies were Allied Chemical (Honeywell), GTE Laboratories (Verizon), and Polaroid. His professional fields of specialization include molecular spectroscopy, thermal analysis, polymer technology and coating technology.



Rory Wolf
CEO, PackEdge Global

Rory Wolf is the CEO of PackEdge Global, a leader in surface modification analysis. Mr. Wolf is an internationally-recognized industry expert in the field of polymer surface modification. He has 32 years of experience within international positions in the plastics and packaging industries, and specific technical expertise in polymer-based flexible packaging, polymer surface modification systems, and printing industry segments. He has published 34 technical papers, 41 industry articles, and 3 books on the topic of plastic surface modification by atmospheric plasma technology.



Sam G. Luliano
Chief Technologist, Nordson EDI

Sam provides high-level technical support to customers, consulting with them to help improve performance in their extrusion and coating processes and alerting them to advances in die system technology. At the same time, he supports new technology programs, coordinating with all departments to develop innovations that meet emerging customer needs. He serves as an advisor to Nordson EDI’s engineering specialists and presents the results of the latest research on tooling and processing to the extrusion and converting industries.

Mr. Iuliano holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Management degree, with a specialization in chemical engineering, from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Ted Schnackertz
NDC Technologies, OEM Sales Manager

Ted has over 40 years’ experience in the process control industry with real-time on-line measurement and control systems. He has held positions as a field engineer, systems engineer, project manager, applications engineer and currently is the OEM Sales Manager for NDC Technologies. Ted is a TAPPI member and has instructed at TAPPI Short Courses and presented papers at AIMCAL, CEMA and TAPPI PLACE conferences….

Tom Gilbertson
VP of Application Engineering, Enercon Industries

Tom Gilbertson is Enercon Industries’ VP of Application Engineering - Corona Treating Systems. Tom has over 30 years of technical and application experience in surface treating technology, making him one of the industry’s leading experts. Gilbertson has written and presented technical papers for TAPPI, AIMCAL, CEMA and FTA. He has also written numerous technical articles on all things corona treating.



TAPPI Fellow: R. Duane Smith
Process Manager, Davis Standard, LLC.

Duane in his over 45 years of experience has become widely known throughout the paper, film and nonwoven industries for his technical knowledge on web handling and winding. He has been awarded two patents in winding, has over 85 technical presentations and published over 30 articles in major international trade journals and magazines. He is the author of the Winding Chapter of the TAPPI Film Extrusion Manual and the Unwinding/Splicing and Winding chapters of the new Extrusion Coating manual. He has been an instructor at over 20 TAPPI short courses, published three books through TAPPI Press and editor of TAPPI Press’ first e-book, The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide. He has also been honored the Society of Plastic Engineers by awarding him the SPE Certificate of Recognition for his “Significant Contributions made to the Society and the Plastic Industry. 


Joseph Lutz
Director of Sales & Marketing, Pelletron Corp.

Joseph Lutz has 15 years of technical experience developing bulk material-handling solutions for the plastics industry. His career at Pelletron began in R&D, where he learned the ins and outs of pneumatic conveying in the test lab. Lutz has also has commissioned numerous pneumatic-conveying systems all over the world and earned three patents for new products. Contact: 717-381-3437; [email protected]; pelletroncorp.com.


Joseph M Bly 
Principal Technical Service & Development Engineer,  Westlake Chemical

Joe Bly is a Principal Technical Service & Development Engineer at Westlake Chemical.  Joe has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Plastic and Polymer Engineering Technology from The Pennsylvania College of Technology, an affiliate of Penn State University in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Joe has 27 years of industry experience.  His career has encompassed extrusion coating, injection molding, blow molding, blown film and profile extrusion.  Joe has worked in project management, product and process development, tooling, automation, and plant integration.  He strongly believes his hands-on approach and the ability to have worked such diverse positions has led him to where he is today.  Although he is a Pennsylvania native, Joe currently resides in Longview, Texas with his wife of 28 years and has three sons, two daughters, and four grandchildren.